Sara Foods (UK) Ltd

The Ultimate Frozen Food Company

Manufacturers of Handmade Samosas, Spring Rolls, Kachori & Pettis

Sara Foods is a small family owned pure vegetarian Indian frozen foods business based in the heart of Leicester. Established by Sunil and Varsha Radia in 1998, it has grown from it's modes beginnings to the web known brand that it is today. Sara Foods primarily specialize in Samosas and Spring rolls, as well as Pettis and Kachoris but actually manufacture over twenty different products. Each recipe is unique, possessing its own secret blend of hers and spices, and these top-secret formulations are very closely guarded indeed! The company was initially started when Sunil had a vision, which still holds true today to provide good quality, handmade frozen Indian foods to the community.


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The Ultimate Frozen Food Company

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