About Us

Sara Foods is a small, family owned, pure vegetarian Indian frozen foods business based in the heart of Leicester. Established by Sunil and Varsha Radia in 1998, it has grown from its modest beginnings. To the well-known brand it is known today.

Sunil and Varsha migrated from Kenya in 1994 in the hope to provide a better future for their childrens education. The company started in the very humble surroundings of the family kitchen. They freshly prepared samosas and fried nuts and distributed them to the local pubs and clubs. The samosas were an instant success and Sunil decided to extend the range that he and his wife manufactured, necessitating a move to a much larger factory located in the heart of the city. They are currently an over 30-strong workforce and deliver products all across the UK. Some customers even distribute abroad, allowing their products to reach countries as far as the United States, Canada and the European continent.

Being awarded, most excellent in health and safety inspections exemplify the standards that they strive for in all aspects of their business.

Sara Foods has generously donated Samosas to various charity events over the years and funds raised through these charities have significantly contributed in delivering immediate and lasting improvement to lives locally, nationally and worldwide. They hope to continue such philanthropic work for many years to come.